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Tobias Svenblad

The Sixteenth Promise

London, 1886.

One after the other, prominent bankers, lawyers and politicians are being killed in a succession of brutal murders. A serial killer has emerged from the shadows but remains elusive and furtive, stealthily avoiding arrest while leaving cryptic clues for anyone who has the mind to tackle them.

Journalist Horace Emerson is assigned to cover the unspeakable crimes in the hope that he can solve the puzzle. However, he soon finds that the killer shows a special interest in his journalistic work. Will Horace be able to solve the mystery before the murderer finds him, or will a more sinister entity, surfacing from Horace's past mean even more danger for the people of London?


This point-and-click psychological thriller is set amidst the fog and grime of Victorian London accompanied by sublime pixel-art and augmented by a stunning musical score from a renowned composer.

TBD - expected release in Q2 2018. Demo available soon.

Mouse only

Developed and created by: Tobias Svenblad
Artwork and graphics: Arvey Yudi Sebastian
Music and audio: Carlos Viola and Martin Gunnarsson
Font used: Beanstalk by MistressEllipsis
Made in Visionaire Studio

Development Log

Thanks to Robert Louis Stevenson and The Game Kitchen for inspiration.

Frore Inc.

Remember: Frore is trust, Frore is love, Frore is family.

In this short interactive fiction, you're playing as Horace Bramble, an employee of the Bureu of Finance in Athlington, ruled by Frore Inc.

Guide your way through the terminal and see what you can uncover.

This game is very short, you'll probably complete it within 10 minutes. Just a side project I've had some fun with.

21 July 2017

Mouse only

Created by: Tobias Svenblad
Design: AnderShell 3000 - Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Anders Evenrud
Typewriter mechanic: Typed.js - Copyright (c) 2014 Matt Boldt
Font used: Monofonto
Made with Twine 2

Thanks to George Orwell for inspiration.